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This site is a fan-made website containing tools primarily for the game osu but also other things, with a collection of useful resources and content made by the community to make the game a more enjoyable experience!

Just going to leave this button here in case your looking for the avatar maker :)

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Latest Changes

09/01/2019 05/03/2018
  • Fix text dragging being bad on chrome (this time without breaking firefox)
  • Slightly improved the responsiveness of mouse-dragging text on the avatar maker.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the avatar maker, notably:
  • Switching between tags from the dropdown in the avatar search no longer crashes the app
  • You can now use a simple transparent background in the banner maker (Finally!). This should make it easier to create simple logos etc requiring a transparent background.
  • Added effects to the avatar maker! You can now add preset effects over your avatar image!
  • Join the new osustuff discord at https://discord.gg/wFxEaE9! Feel free to come and ask about anything here, site related or not.
  • We have partnered with Foxbox.io tablet covers! Use the code OSUSTUFF for 5% off your tablet cover.
  • Added Facebook and Discord presets social media icons to the banner maker.
  • You can now drag the Banner Maker's new layer popup boxes around the screen to get a better view of your banner while adding a new layer!
  • Added system for approving banner background images. This means that lots of new high quality background images will be added to the banner maker for you to choose from!
  • Avatar maker now supports 256x256 resolution avatars!

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